What to expect, and how to prepare.

Dermal filler is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel that contours facial shape or rejuvenates facial volume.

Filler is for you if:

You want to achieve facial balancing

Whether you want to balance out the two sides of your face, or balance a feature that seems over-sized but that doesn't require surgery.

You want youthful volume restoration

Dermal filler is injected into select areas of the skin to add volume and fullness. The result is that the skin in those areas instantly looks more plump, fresh, and youthful.

What to expect

If you're ready to schedule your first filler appointment with us, here's what you can expect

The Prep: Before your appointment, avoid blood thinning medications (with a doctor’s consent) and herbal supplements 1-2 weeks prior to injections (Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, CoQ10, Ginkgo, St. John’s Wort, Omega, Garlic). Avoid alcohol 1-2 days prior to injections and 24 hours after injections. Avoid any dental work and vaccines for two weeks prior/post treatment.

The Process: You'll come in and have a full facial assessment will be needed, and suggestions may be made based on professional opinion. Ultimately, you and Kim will agree on a customized plan of treatment that makes YOU happy!

The Recovery and Results: You'll see the results of your filler instantly, but expect a week or two before the full results show up. 

What is the Investment?

The cost of filler is determined by level of correction needed to achieve desired results. One syringe can range from $700-$900+ depending on the type of filler used. If overall facial rejuvenation is needed, a good rule of thumb is “one syringe per decade of life” – for example, a 45-year-old would likely need 4 syringes in order to achieve overall rejuvenation. However, while this is a good indicator, it is not always accurate. The Aesthetic Haus offers dermal filler packages based on individual needs. 

o Contour/Midface Packages-$1750 & up
o Lips-$700
o Lower Face/Jawline Rejuvenation-$1750 & up
o Full Face Refresh-$2450 & up

what they're saying:

Kim is absolutely amazing! I have been getting lip filler for about 12 years and she is by far the best I have been to

— Erika Knipp

Allison was EXCELLENT! She explained everything is great detail. My appointment was so stress free. The environment was so calming.

— Carol Collazo

I had fillers and Botox and after looking in the mirror I was in tears. I absolutely could not believe the results - I was speechless!

— Jennifer Tucker


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